Reasons to Hire a Probate Attorney in Orange County, CA


Reasons to Hire a Probate Attorney in Orange County, CA

When a person passes away, their estate may require probate court involvement. If you are a beneficiary, heir or an interested person which may include being a creditor who needs to file a claim, this is the time to consider hiring an Orange County probate attorney.

Working with a probate attorney who is familiar with probate litigation, Orange County clients benefit from expertise in the management and disposition of the estate. They also receive guidance on important legal issues. Learn more below about some of the specific advantages of partnering with an experienced lawyer.

Speeding up the Probate Process in Orange County

The probate courts have an established method for winding down the assets of a person’s estate. California intestacy laws are meant to provide an orderly means for handling these assets when no estate plan or will exists. However, these procedures are complex, and a probate estate can take months to finalize.

With the help of an Orange County probate attorney, you can resolve this process quickly and without the stress of handling the probate or trust administration on your own. A probate attorney will prepare your court filings and required notices, all without unnecessary delay.

Saving Executors Time

The personal representative, administrator or executor is the individual appointed by the court to manage the estate during the probate process. He or she is responsible for winding down the decedent’s assets in a manner that follows the decedent’s will or California Law in circumstances where there is no will or ascertainable beneficiary.

However, the process is complicated and time-consuming, and when the personal representative is unfamiliar with the law. The right probate attorney in Orange County can assist in the estate’s administration from start to finish, including ensuring that all legal notices are provided; assisting with your preparation of inventories; filing reports, and accountings; responding to any legal challenge that may arise from a beneficiary or creditor, and assisting with the final distribution of the estate.

Ensuring That Beneficiaries and Interested Parties Get Fair Consideration

As a beneficiary, you are relying on the executor to administer probate in a legal and accurate manner. Unfortunately, not every executor fulfills their fiduciary duty. They may lack care or knowledge, or they may participate in outright fraud.  Beneficiaries can employ a probate attorney to challenge the executor’s decisions on their behalf and to recover assets properly belonging to the estate.

Creditors and other interested parties may also hire an attorney to represent their interests. These parties may pursue their claims of monies owed to them by the decedent and seek the return of their property titled in the decedent’s name.   A lawyer can bring all of these claims to a California Probate Court.

About Gregory W. Cabo, Orange County Probate Attorney

Gregory Cabo is a knowledgeable probate attorney who has helped many clients through the process. He has experience working with executors, beneficiaries, and creditors, so he understands all of the potential concerns that you may face. His work allows cases to reach a fair and efficient conclusion.

By hiring Mr. Cabo, you will receive the personal attention and professional guidance you require. To learn more about his work in Orange County and his services as a probate attorney, schedule a consultation by calling (714) 771-2227.



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