How To Find the Best Probate Attorney in Orange County, CA



How To Find the Best Probate Attorney in Orange County, CA

Family members are not in a state to handle the estate’s assets settlement process after their loved one passes away. But, someone has to take care of the probate of the will so that the assets are transferred to the beneficiaries, as the descendent wanted. 

The executor is responsible for assigning the assets to the beneficiaries as mentioned in the will. If you are an executor, hire the best probate attorney in Orange County to simplify the process. They will answer all your legal and financial questions. You don’t have to hire the same attorney who helped the deceased write the will. The original will is handed to the executor, who manages the estate’s assets. To avoid disputes and ensure appropriate settlement of these assets, a probate lawyer must be hired. Here’s how to find the best probate lawyers near you.

Know their Area of Expertise

An attorney with experience in probate court proceedings, wills, and asset exchanges is the ideal candidate for transferring inherited assets. As an heir or the only legal beneficiary of the property, you need someone who can represent you in the probate court and help you through every stage of property transfer. Having a legal expert on your side will give you peace of mind. They will take care of the paperwork, legal duties, and financial matters effortlessly. It’s best to choose someone with expertise in probate cases.

Their Reputation

When it comes to probate, a vast majority of clients check only the lawyer’s experience and qualifications. While these factors are important, it’s equally crucial to assess the professionalism of an attorney in a courtroom. You need to know how they talk to their clients and how good they are at executing probate court proceedings. 

Reputation is more about professionalism than experience and certifications. Of course, the attorney’s knowledge in working with probate clients matters. But, you will not want to work with someone who barely answers your calls. Hire someone who communicates well and keeps you up-to-date with the proceeding.

Research, Research, and Research

It may not be the best time to research an attorney for an executor. You must be busy with the guests, mourning, and the funeral. However, the sooner you take care of the probate, the better. Online research will show you the list of the top attorneys specializing in probate laws and proceedings in Orange County, CA. Some online directories also allow you to filter the search list by probate attorneys and your location. Detailed research will help you find a professional with years of experience handling similar cases. You can also find a link to their websites where you can check their license, certification, experience, qualification credentials, and previous clients.

The Legal Fees and Other Expenses

Probate proceedings will cost you a small fee. The attorney also charges a fixed percentage of commission on your total earnings from the estate’s assets or a flat fee for their legal help. Some attorneys charge an hourly fee. Just knowing the amount an attorney charges per hour won’t give you a clear estimate of the total amount you’ll spend on probate. 

Be clear about the cost from the start. Ask about the legal expenses you will incur throughout the proceedings, other than the lawyer’s fee. The cost also depends on who you are working with. If the attorney works in a large law firm, expect a higher overhead. If it’s an independent attorney, they will complete the probate proceedings faster and charge a relatively lower fee. 

Finding a will and trust attorney in Orange County, CA, can be overwhelming for someone who has just lost a loved one.  An attorney who listens to your situation and pays attention to detail, and is familiar with all aspects of probate courtroom proceedings.

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